Summer Recap, Part 2


If we’re recapping the summer, we might as well start at the beginning. To me, that’s Memorial Day. There’s not much better than a three day weekend. This year, we had a pretty eventful holiday. First, we made an unofficial stop at Kentucky Kingdom. I say unofficial because we didn’t really ride any rides. The lines for everything were so long that we waited for a waterslide and then decided just to hit up the wave pool and the lazy river. We have season passes, so there wasn’t much urgency to fit everything in to that trip.

Later that weekend, I completed my first ever 5K, the Glo Run: Neon Safari. I finished in just under one hour. My goal was to run/jog the entire thing, but I ended up walking about a quarter of the course. It was much hillier than my neighborhood where I trained. The race took place at night, which made it so much easier in the heat of the summer. Everyone got there early and put on face paint and glow sticks. When it came time for the race to start, there was a giant screen that lit up riverside park to count down for the runners. Here’s a few pictures of my running partner/trainer and I before/after the race.




Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to make those look more professional, but until then, bear with me.

One more big thing happened in May: I started my first garden. I planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini, watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupe, garlic, and bell peppers. All except the garlic grew quite well. The garlic died  in the first few weeks because we got a TON of rain.  I got a great crop of squash and zucchini, and I learned that you want to pick them before they get too big for a better product. The tomatoes came out a lot smaller (fruit size, not plant size) than I expected, so they were a lot harder to use. The last of those I left for the critters around the house. Towards the end of the summer, everything except the tomatoes and peppers got a weird powdery mildew growing on them, and it killed all their remaining fruit. I ended up not getting any cantaloupe or watermelon because of this. I think next year I’ll spread out the plants and make sure I spray any thing I think may harm the plants before it gets out of hand.

That was my (not very) eventful May. Putting it on “paper” makes it seem a lot more full than when it’s actually happening, but it also makes me realize what I’ve got to do and where I want to go next.

June will be up soon, stay tuned!


Summer Recap, Part 1

I have a confession to make:

I fell off the bandwagon. HARD.

Before summer started, I was running at least twice a week, I had somewhat set a routine of housecleaning, and I was doing pretty good at eating at home most evenings. I had even started this blog with hopes of encouraging myself to travel more and see my world in a different way. But once summer hit, all that flew out the window. My house is a mess. I get a homecooked meal in probably four times a week, but we eat out way more than we should. And I haven’t run since the 5K in May.

That’s right, I ran a 5k. Me, who hates running, and hadn’t ran since mandatory PE in 9th grade.

But that’s not all I did. So the following posts will be a series of recaps to try and chronicle my summer. Enjoy!

Kentucky Bucket List

Those of you who know me, know how hopelessly scatterbrained I can be. The most prominent manifestation of this is my propensity to talk WAY TOO FAST. (If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to talk slower….) Sometimes my thoughts get away from me before I have even had a chance to think them through completely. Which is how I came to the a realization.

I love lists.

And not in your type-A, get-a-kick-out-of-getting-things-done kind of way. More like the quick-write-it-down-before-you-forget kind of way. Lists are sometimes the only way to capture all the thoughts running around in my head that I can’t hold down long enough to do anything concrete with. So in order to try and make the most out of my adventures, I’ve compiled a list of things I would like to do here in Kentucky (and the surrounding areas).

1. Mammoth Cave Zipline — I’ve been to Mammoth Cave before, and I’ve ziplined before, but I’ve never ziplined IN A CAVE. How cool is that?

2. SkyZone Louisville — This is one that I’m going to need some help with. Skyzone is basically a giant indoor trampoline. Even cooler than that, they use those trampolines to have giant dodgeball tournaments. Also, they’ve revamped the old-school 80’s trampoline workouts into something similar to Zumba. I think both of these would be a ton of fun.

3. Kentucky Kingdom — To be fair, I have already got to go once this year. But, I didn’t ride a single roller coaster, and we only went on one water slide. I’d like to go again, sometime other than Memorial Day Weekend.

4. Kings Island — If you can’t tell, I really like amusement parks.

5. The Louisville Zoo

6. Elizabethtown Trails — According the Elizabethtown website, there are 16 trails available to hike here in E-town,with lengths varying up to 5 miles long. I don’t know if I’m that dedicated, but one of the shorter trails would definitely a peaceful (and not too hot) way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

7. Weekend Trip to the Smokey Mountains

8. Churchill Downs — I feel a bit bad, but I have yet to go see the famous horse stables. It’s probably time that I do.

9. Cumberland Falls

10. Waverly Hills Sanatorium — I’m a sucker for ghost tours. I know most of the time they are staged, but I’m also incredibly gullible so I just go with it. Also, the sanitarium has a really cool and colorful history.

11. Pleasant Hill, KY — When I was looking up cool things to do in Kentucky, I was initially drawn to this because my grandparents live in Pleasant Hill, Missouri and I like the correlation. Upon further investigation, this place looks really neat! It’s an old shaker village, and they have a large organic farm, a farm-to-table restaurant, and a historical tour.

12. Lexington — This is a pretty broad goal, but I’ve not really been to the city except to catch a plane for our honeymoon. Being a college town, I would imagine it has a lot to offer.

13. Bardstown Road/Fourth Street Live — The most depressing thing about Elizabethtown is its lack of nightlife. There really isn’t anything to do after 10 pm. Louisville is just far enough away that if you wanted to go out and have drinks, you pretty much have to get a hotel. But I’ve heard the bars on Bardstown Road are pretty cool. And someone told me about this game called bar golf that sounds intriguing….

So there you have it folks, my to-see list for the not-so-distant future. If there’s anything on here you’d like to do with me, let me know, I love company. And if there’s anything you wanna do that’s not on here,I’m game for pretty much anything.

I won’t look any further than my own backyard…

A few weekends ago, I was getting coffee with a friend of mine, and we started talking about things we would do with our lives if we had unlimited money. I had quite a few ideas, like opening my own bakery, costume design, or becoming a travel writer. I admitted that travel writing would be my ultimate dream job .

“What’s stopping you?” he asked me.

That threw me for a loop. Of course, I had plenty of reasons I couldn’t go. Mainly, I didn’t have the money. But I also knew that it would be hard to leave my husband and the dog for the long periods of time I would be traveling. All the time away would also make it hard to start a family, or do any more renovation projects to our new house.

But he called me out.

“Why do you have to go so far to fulfill your dream? You’re already traveling. Pretty much anywhere you go around here is a new experience.”

And he’s right. I’ve been here a year, and almost every weekend we’re doing something new. BBQ festivals, car shows, amusement parks, and all within a days drive. This blog was born as a way to chronicle the ordinary and not-so ordinary adventures I encounter, both in Kentucky and out. So hop in and buckle up, we’re going for a ride 😉